Aegean Region Refrigeration Industry and Business Association (ESSIAD) was founded by the leading businessmen of the refrigeration industry in 1990. The main purpose of the Association is to keep the rights and the legal ethics of the people and the companies playing role in the HVAC-R sector, to enhance their professional development, to support their market improvement plans and besides to deliver the high quality products to the end-user.

Main projects of ESSIAD

Increasing Export Capacity of Industrial Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC-R) Cluster Project (COMPLETED)

Project has been approved within the scope of the International Competitiveness Improvement Notification (UR-GE) of T.R. Ministry of Economy. ESSIAD, playing the role of the coordination organization, firstly organized a field analysis to define the needs of the cluster members. It is aimed to increase the export and competitiveness of the cluster members through trainings, consultancies, abroad business trips, visits, preliminary delegation organizations, held in accordance with the results of the field analysis. Through this Notification, companies operating in the same sector, find common solutions to common problems and create a regional power in the international arena by acting together.

ESSIAD, the first cluster of the sector in operation, which is situated in the heart of the region where numerous Turkish HVAC-R companies are located, enables its members to establish competitive advantages by emphasizing innovation and quality factors in the international arena through the development of their commercial and technical capacities. The technical and commercial training and consultancy activities carried out within UR-GE project, aims the development of the technical capacity of the companies, ensuring the penetration into the new markets and managing the common infrastructure.

ESSIAD Continuous Training Center (ESEM)

ESSIAD Continuous Training Center organizes technical, corporate and personal development training programs, seminars in order to create awareness in the sector.

ESSİAD School to Profession Project

School to Profession project of ESSIAD aims to raise awareness of the vocational educated students about HVAC-R industry. Accordingly, cluster members share information regarding the sector, setting up career goals and related qualified professionals inform students about resume writing. Factory and technical visits are part of this project. School to Profession project has been running since 2012 and in 2017, it was submitted to T.R. Ministry of Interior Izmir General Directorate of Civil Society Relations as a project and financed for a period of 1 year.

Moreover ESSIAD took part in project partners of European Union Project called Adding Value to the Future, coordinated by Izmir Development Agency with Associazione Tecnici del Freddo (ATF / Italian Refrigeration Association) and LAMORO Development Agency. Within the scope of the project, thanks to the cooperation of representing Italy Piedmont region and EHIS cluster, ATF and ESSİAD and Development Agencies of the relevant regions LAMORO and İZKA; value chain analysis of the Industrial Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration sector was carried out for both regions. A conference called “Strengthening HVAC-R in Europe: Building the Future Together” was held at 21-22 April 2017, with the participation of sectoral civil society representatives and public authorities.

Today, Aegean Region Refrigeration Industry and Business Association (ESSİAD), as being one of the most powerful organizations in the sector, with its registered members, is proud of achieving its goals and setting new goals as they reached.

ESSIAD’s Vision

To be a solution providing cluster who is environmental, can easily adapt  technological products and systems, saves energy in order to have a say in the world markets.

ESSIAD’s Mission

To cooperate with related bodies in order to increase competitiveness of our members by forming new technological and economic platforms where our members shall benefit.

ESSİAD’s Goals

•Support formation of sub- sectoral industries

•Help members corporatise

•Provide members with national and international business environment in order to create satistfactory competition.

•Co-operate with related bodies for corporatisation of ESSIAD and sector companies in the region and to increase their brand image.

•Co-operate with related bodies in order to avoid unfair competition and  sustain the market system on common good.

•Adapt the rules of HVAC-R legislation to domestic needs in accordance with the European Union norms

•Increase and develop cooperation awareness among cluster players,

•Perform Trainings and Education according to the needs of the sector engineers, technical personnel and workers at ESSIAD Continuous Training Center

•Communicate with sectoral companies in order to create traineeship opportunities for engineers, technical students through “From School To Profession” Project

•Build an accredited laboratory which will also help increasing the R&D activities

•Increase University-Industry cooperation among sectoral companies and their works

•Invite foreing capital for related and supporting industries among missing players of the cluster.

Secretary General

Secretary General
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Association Employees

Project Coordinator
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Gülcan ÖRTEL
Administrative Affairs Expert
Cooling World Magazine (Soğutma Dünyası) / ESSIAD e-bulletin
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Accounting and Finance Expert

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  1. Honesty: Is honorable, honest and adheres to high ethical standards. Doesn’t participate in any form of corruption, and does not support or condone corruption. Doesn’t form relations involving bribes. Doesn’t accept unfair competitive practices.
  2. Reliability: Does not exercise behavior that damages his or his company’s reputation or the confidence accredited to him or his company. Bears responsibility for product and services. Doesn’t avoid responsibility. protects personal information relating to their studies, and keeps them confidential.
  3. To Keep Promises: Take care to keep their promises. Fulfill the obligations undertaken on time.
  4. Loyalty: Does not attempt to obtain any documents that should be kept classified or to use them for their benefits. Puts an emphasis on the privacy of the company, and doesn’t use confidential information belonging to his old company for profit, even after parting ways with the company in question.
  5. Fairness: Does not accept unfair requests of privilege, does not mediate, or ask for mediation. Rejects any such proposal. Behaves in accordance with high moral standards​​.
  6. Protecting the rights of others: Provides honesty, fair management, equality, respect and a safe working environment appropriate to the personalities of individuals in employee relationships, and does not compel people to perform illegal transactions. Doesn’t discriminate according to, race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, or philosophical belief when dealing with employee rights.
  7. Respecting The Law: Members respect the laws in our county and the laws of other countries where they do business in all their activities. They do not attempt illegal or criminal activities. They do not refer to means and methods that wouldn’t be approved by the moral values ​​of business and society.
  8. Responsibility of Citizenship: They pay their taxes on time. They fulfill the requirements of social responsibility.
  9. Pursuit of the Best: Affects local economies positively through decisions. Prevents the wasting of the country’s resources and the impoverishment of society. Provides resource opportunities for social services and infrastructure.
  10. Accountability: Never abandons the basic principle of openness in proposals and contract negotiations. In agreements with public and private enterprises, puts an emphasis on the principle of transparency, and practices accountability in every activity.
  11. Environmental Awareness: Acts altruistically when necessary to protect the environment. Makes efforts to spread environmental awareness.
  12. Responsibilities Of The Members: Does not act in ways that will blemish public opinion about the association. No actions or transactions that are contrary in nature to the image or statute of the association are sanctioned.

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